Spellcaster University Wiki

In campaign mode, when starting at a new location, you'll soon be approached by various NPCs offering Quests (indicated by a Star next to the dialogue lines). You can have up to 3 quests per map, and, once selected, you can't drop or change a quest. They'll show up right above the magic decks in the bottom right corner as "hollow stars" that will fill up as you progress.


Quest are triggered at each start of a new map/round/challenge, and they pop up within the first few days. There's the General ones, Location specific quests, and your Student Training focus. The first two are quite generic as you'll quickly figure out; focusing your students' training tends to be the main headache.

Student Training specific quest[]

A few days into your new map, you're to decide what kind of "special breed" (=Student Careers) you're trying to train before the Evil Lord screws you up again. (and this part is a nightmare unless you've got eidetic memory. the game really doesn't help you there at all.)

General quests[]

These quests are triggered by events that can occur on any location.

Triggered by University specialization

  • Arcana/Light/Alchemy/Nature specialist: Produce a cumulative total of 8000 specific mana over the entire mission.

Triggered by Warlocks for the Clans

  • Warlocks for the horde!: Your relationship with Orcs must be 90 or more. (you have to only raise it to 90 once to complete it)

Triggered by The Merchants's money

  • Merchants's money: Have raised 10000 gold over the course of level.

Triggered by A nobler cause

  • Magic for all: Have at least 110 students graduated.

Triggered by Look at my beautiful archimage

  • Archimage: the best of the bests: Have trained an Archimage

Note: You can either only have "The merchants' money" or "A nobler cause" active. Also, "Warlocks for the horde!" and "Archimage: the best of the best" don't have to be acquired.

Location specific quests[]

They are only available in specific locations and can't be refused.

  • Volcano event triggers:
    • The Old Alliance: Your relationship with Dwarves must be 90 or more.
  • Swamp event triggers:
    • Lots of friends for zombies: Your relationship with all factions must be 30 or more.
  • Clouds event triggers:
    • Guardians of the treasures: Your relationship with Sphynxs must be 90 or more.
  • Peaks event triggers:
    • Monk's help: Your relationship with Monks must be 90 or more
  • Cliff event triggers:


If you complete at least one quest you gain a reward. For each one completed there is a Tier of quality. The reward is in the form of Books(Tiers 1-3) that give you a bonus for next levels. You can pick one out of 3 random books from a Tier pool.

Work in progress, more coming soon

Tier 3 books(1).png

Tier 1 options[]

You will be offered one of random three books from this list. Some books may affect certain event's options.

  • Sacred book of Inquisition-The reputation with the Inquisition deteriorates 30% less quickly. (can pay 50 less gold during "Tithe", Additional option in "You can't learn anything from books!")
  • Warrior's Codex- Increase your Students' and Teachers' combat damage by 20%.
  • Masons' book- All the rooms on ground floor have 10% increase in efficiency.
  • Occult Accounting Guidebook- Reduces the wages of staff members by 10%.
  • Punishment Handbook- Decreases by 15% students' desire to do stupid things( such as degrading the school or opening demonic portals).
  • Encyclopedia of magic beasts- Each time you play a creature card, receive 3 of prestique.
  • Scroll of charm- Increases the number of students attracted to the university by 10%. ()
  • The secret life of orcs- Increases reputation gains with orcs by 25%.
  • Ten tips how to earn a lot- Start each level with +400 gold.
  • Druidism for Dummies- Start each level with a random Nature card.
  • Postums' thoughts- Each artifact increases the efficiency of the room where it is located by 5%

Tier 2 options[]

You will be offered one of random three books from this list. Some books may affect certain event's options.

  • Hymn of Light- Light rooms increase the efficiency of adjacent rooms by 5%.(Additional option in "You can't learn anything from books!")
  • Map of telluric lines- Arcana rooms increase the efficiency of adjacent rooms by 5%.
  • Magic Cooking Tips- In the refectory, your students progress slowly in random magic.
  • Book of wealth- Students' wealth is always one step higher.
  • Household magic- Start each game with a Janitor card.
  • Biography of the Lord of Evil- Increases reputation gains with lord of evil by 50%.
  • The master Blacksmith's book- Start the game with two random equipment cards.
  • Star Atlas- Increases the efficiency of observatory by 50%.
  • Draconic Legends- Starts the game with Turquoise dragon card.
  • Dragon's prophecies- Starts the game with a Red dragon card.
  • Codex of Alchemists- Increase the speed of alchemy learning by 15%.

Tier 3 options[]

You will be offered one of random three books from this list. Some books may affect certain event's options.

  • University Archives- Start each game with two cards to create a house and two cards to recruit students.
  • Sports Almanach- Generates each year a card to earn 700 gold.
  • Book of Wisdom- Students' intelligence is always one step higher.
  • Architects' Codex- The effectiveness of room is increased by 1% per floor.
  • Forbidden Book- The army of darkness is progressing 5% more slowly. Start each level with +100 shadow mana.
  • Big Book of Runes- Runic scriptoriums increase the efficiency of all rooms in the same row by 30%. Start each level with a Runic scriptorium.
  • Elders' Codex- Increases pedagogy of Teachers's by one level.
  • Big book of Dreams- Dormitories and Private rooms also slightly reduce Hunger and Boredom.
  • Book of high magic- Decreases all conditions for wearing piece of equipment by 1 level for students.
  • Necronomicon- Each time an explosion occurs or a gate is opened in a room by a student, increases the efficiency of the room by 3%.
  • Eternal Encyclopedia- The cost of cards increases half as much after each purchase.