Spellcaster University Wiki

The King/Kingdom can be accessed from the Royal bastion on the local map. The Kingdom has features that are related to gold and the gold deck. Its options are:

  • I was just coming for the pleasure of speaking to your august majesty.
    • Consequences - Reputation: +10
  • Sorry to bother you with this... but the university needs money.
    • Conditions - Reputation at least 0 with the faction: Kingdom
    • Consequences - Reputation: -5, Receive: 150 Gold
  • I came to ask you to launch an assault on the evil lord while we still can.
    • Conditions - Reputation at least 50 with the faction: Kingdom
    • Consequences - Reputation: -15, Lord of Evil's Power: -0.03

Alternative: Counsellor's panic[]


The counsellor approaches the king in a panic, the A38 accreditation forms are no longer in deawe 4 of aisle 2E on the third floor.

  • Do we really need these forms to run the kingdom?
    • Consequences - Triggers new event (Administrative problem)
  • We can offer to burn down  the third floor. Problem solved.
    • Conditions- Have reputation 80 or higher with Inquisiton
    • Consequences - Triggers new event (Relieving the Kingdom)

"Do we really need these forms to run the kingdom?" gives you 4 other options:


Administrative problem: Damn right it's useful! How do you want to manage the import/export flow of Nail Repellent potions between villages?

  • It would be a relief to the King not to think of that.
    • Consequences - Reputation with king +5
  • We're going to try to find the thief who stole this document.
    • Conditions- Have Crystal ball
    • Consequences - Reputation with king +10 , gain 300 gold
  • We're the ones who trade in these potions. We have copies of the forms.
    • Conditions- Have Potions workshop
    • Consequences - Gain +5 prestige
  • And if we help you write some new ones, would that make you feel better?
    • Conditions- Have at least one Runic scriptorium
    • Consequences - Reputation with king +15

"We can offer to burn down  the third floor. Problem solved." give you 4 other options:


Relieving the Kingdom: Thank you for settling that. I can't stand those bureaucrats anymore. Well, now that I have a spare floor, what am I gonna build on it?

  • A cloister is bright and pleasant in the spring.
    • Conditions- Have on hand the card: Cloister of the righteous
    • Consequences- Reputation with faction inquisition +20, recieve +700 light mana , Discard the card Cloister of the righteous
  • An observatory allows you to discover the stars. It's a humbling experience.
    • Conditions- Have on hand the card: Observatory
    • Consequences- Recive +500 arcane mana. recieve +500 alchemy mana, Discard the card Observatory
  • Anyone can make potions with the right equipment. Try it, it's fun.
    • Conditions- Have on hand the card: Potions workshop
    • Consequences- Discard the card Potions workshop, Draw the card Potion of power, Draw the card Destruction potion, Draw the card Glory in a bottle, Draw the card Cleaning potion
  • Let's leave the floor emoty, it'll be perfect for parties later.
    • Consequences- Recieve 2 prestige

Alternative: Royal hunt[]


In front of the caste there are many horses, with packs of dogs. A royal hunt is about to start.

  • May your hunt be good, Your Majesty!
    • Consequences - Reputation: +15
  • Can we join the hunt?
    • Conditions- reputation with king 40
    • Consequences- recieve a Hunting throphy card

Alternative: A circus animal[]


You see the King who is regularly disturbed by people in colorful costumes. A cicus is setting up in town. But there's a problem, Oscar the Flying Elephant, their star animal is sick.

  • For the circus... we have a dragon, would that do it?
    • Conditions- Have at least one Dragon
    • Consequences- Recieve +4 prestige
  • We can lend you our pegasus, it almost flies.
    • Conditions- Have a Pegasus
    • Consequences- Recive +400 gold

Alternative: Counsil of war[]


A counsil of war seems to be taking place in the throne room. Kings from neighborrg kingdoms have gathered to mount an attack against evil lord.

  • We could create a diversion with our magic.
    • Conditions- Have Gateway to different worlds
    • Consequences- Lord of evil's power -0,01
  • We need to push hard, we'll call for support.
    • Conditions- Reputation with faction Inquisition at least 80
    • Consequences- Lord of evil's power -0,03

Alternative: Son's training[]

If the king is busy, it is because he has been looking for weeks now for someone competent to train his son for the coming battles. Note: I know that sentence's word order is weird, maybe they fix it later...

  • We can train your son to handle weapons.
    • Conditions- Have Weapon and shield rack
    • Consequences- Reputation +30
  • We can train your son in magical duels.
    • Conditions- Have at least 1 Elementalist Dojo
    • Consequences- Recieve +10 prestige, reputation +10