Spellcaster University Wiki

In the game events appear on the left screen boarder. They trigger by themselves after some time or you can activate them sooner, by clicking on them. They contain some flavor text and you're usually given a few options to chose from. Some options are only available if you meet its conditions. Consequences may be either receiving a bonus and/or penalty, receiving a modifier, triggering a quest or next event... WIP

Welcoming events[]

Shortly after starting on a new location and picking your beginning bonuses you are visited by King, Adventurer's guild and Peasants. You can gain some early resources or reputation by interacting with them. How nice!

Royal Greetings.png

Royal Greetings: Ah! A new school for my kingdom! That is a very good thing. Oh yes, a very good thing... and I am ready to help you, for I am a good and just king. What can I do for you?

  • Our school could use some extra money.
    • Consequences - Receive 200 gold.
  • The help of royal architects could be useful in building an advanced room.
    • Consequences -Draw a card chosen among three
      • Possible cards are:
        1. Assasins' Arena [shadow deck]
        2. Chamber of Truth [light deck]
        3. Enchantment workshop [alchemy deck]
        4. Janitor Lodge [shadow deck]

Greetings from the Adventurer's Guild.png

Greetings from Adventurers' guild: I found some time between troll killings to come say hello. A new school of magic is always good news for us at the Adventurer's Guild. What kind of magicians do you train?

  • Magicians capable of healing. We always lack good healers...
    • Consequences- Draw a card chosen among three
      • Possible cards are:
        1. Medical cabinet [base deck]
        2. Medical bed [light deck]
        3. Infirmary [alchemy deck]
        4. Guild banner [alchemy deck]
        5. Plant that eats scholars' hands [nature deck]
  • Magicians blowing things up. an indispensable help for your next raids.
    • Consequences- Draw a card chosen among three.
      • Possible cards are:
        1. Weapons and shield [base deck]
        2. Elementalist dojo [arcana deck]
        3. Magical hat [arcana deck]
        4. Demonic chamber [shadow deck]
  • Magicians used to using magic trinkets. It's important too!
    • Consequences- Draw a card chosen among three.
      • Possible cards are:
        1. Alchemical talisman [alchemy deck]
        2. Arcane crystal staff [arcana deck]
        3. Necro staff [shadow deck]
        4. Wolf's tooth [nature deck]

Greetings from the villagers.png

Greetings from the Villagers: Hello you! We're the locals. We don't want any trouble around here. And we don't really like strangers. What exactly are you doing here?

  • Let me assure you, we only teach our students sacred magic in accordance with the precepts of the Church of Light.
    • Consequences- Gain reputation with the faction: Peasants +10, gain +100 light mana, Reputation with Inquisition -10
  • Let me assure you, our school trains first and foremost sorcerers specialized in the care of farm animals.
    • Consequences- Gain reputation with the faction: Peasants +5, gain +100 Nature mana.
  • Let me assure you, our school trains first and foremost sorcerers specialized in necromancy and the invocation of devastating demons.
    • Consequences- Gain reputation with the faction: Peasants -20, receive 110 shadow mana, reputation with the Lord of evil +10

Common events[]


Fertility potion: Tell me, we have a big egg-laying proble... cows are less efficient, which could be a serious problem for the entire peasant community! We need you to make us a "fertility potion". I heard it was called like that. Can you do that for us?

  • Yes, our alchemists can help you.
    • Conditions- Have at least 100 alchemy mana
    • Consequences- Gain reputations with peasants +15, -50 alchemy mana
  • The ingredients are not cheap, you'll have to pay for them.
    • Conditions- Have at least 50 alchemy mana
    • Consequences- gain +250 gold, - 50 alchemy mana, reputation with the peasants -10
  • Our druids know effective massages that could solve your problems.
    • Conditions- Have at least one Stable
    • Consequences- reputation with the peasants +10
  • No, we don't know how to do that, sorry.

Neighborhood quarrels: Hey, magicians, could you help us? These adventurer guild thieves spend their time making a mess in the village... killing a troll, having a party, stealing a nobleman... could you tell them to calm down?

  • Of course. We'll teach them some manners.
    • Consequences- Reputations with peasants +30, reputation with adventurers' guild -30
  • A good firestorm should get everyone in agreement!
    • Conditions- Have at least one Elementalist dojo
    • Consequences- Reputations with peasants -15, reputation with adventurers' guild -15
  • Let us ask the king to settle this issue.
    • Conditions- Have reputations with the faction: King at least 80
    • Consequences- Reputations with peasants +15, reputation with adventurers' guild +15
  • This is not my problem!
    • Consequences- Reputations with peasants -30


Embargo on vegetables: Your school is dangerous. Our cows that approach it become sick and give birth to calves with two heads. That's not good. We won't sell you any more vegetables until you leave. We'll see what you do witout carrots. (triggered by low rep)

  • Well... okay.
    • Consequences- Receive global modifier: Embargo on vegetables (Everybody takes 15% longer to eat ?)


The tithe.png

The tithe: We tolerate your university of heretical wizards, but we want compensation. We are here to collect the tithe, a tax that will be used to finance our team of witch hunters. Ironic, isn't it?

  • Not really. And now leave before I turn you into a toad. 
    • Consequences- Reputation with Inquisition -20 
  • We pay. We don't want any trouble.
    • Conditions- have at least 100 gold
    • Consequences- -100 gold
  • Do you know we're training inquisitors here? We're on the same side!
    • Conditions- Have at least one Truth chamber
    • Consequences- Reputation with Inquisition +5, reputation with lord of evil -5
  • In the Great book of Purity, it is said that the tithe is 50 gold coins. Not 100.

Inquisition eve 1.png

You can't learn anything from books! : What the hell are you doing? Are you out of your mind? Books! Aren't you ashamed? The books are full of words that keep our flock away from the straight path of purity of mind. It is also because of these works that witches can invoke demons from other plans to eat the children of brave believing peasants! Burn it all NOW before it becomes uncontrollable!

  • Okay, calm down, we'll burn it down!
    • Conditions- Minimum number of cards in hand 1
    • Consequences- Discard random card, trigger new event, Reputation with the faction Inquisition: +15
  • No way, knowledge is the true power!
    • Consequences- Reputation with the faction Inquisition: -50
  • But look, there are some books that are great!
    • Conditions- Have the following book: Sacred book of Inquisition or Hymn of Light
    • Consequences- Reputation with the faction Inquisition: +20

Unexcepted gift.png

Unexpected gift: Dear heretical wizard friend! How nice to see you ! In order to soothe tensions, we came to offer you a gift. (triggered by high reputation)

  • Oh! Sacred magic! That's so sweet.
    • Consequences- Recieve ? light magic
  • We don't want anything. Offer everything to the demonist children's orphanage.
    • Consequences- prestige + ?
  • Materials to teach light magic? Great! Great!
    • Consequences- Receive the card: Classroom of the light
  • A set of consecrated halos? Excellent!
    • Consequences- Receive the card: Sacred Aureole

Crusade against the wizards: You have exhausted our patience enough. This time we're going to  get rid of you once and for all. We will burn this school down and throw salt on the ruins so it won't grow back! (low reputation)

  • Come on! We're waiting for you!
    • Consequences- Get attacked by 6 knights
  • We're sorry. We definitely didn't want to offend you....
    • Consequences- Get attacked by 6 knights, reputation with Inquisition faction +15, receive -5 prestige
  • You can certainly come, if you re not afraid of ro be swallowed by one of our hounds.
    • Conditions- Have at least one Orc hound
    • Consequences- Get attacked by 4 knights


A tribute to the tribes.png

A tribute to the tribes: We orcs need few things, an we can take them from the weak humans. But you can also give us these things directly, so we don't have to squash you first. Win-win.

  • We are always happy to pay the tribute. Really.
    • Conditions- Have at least 100 gold.
    • Consequences- Lose 100 gold, gain reputation +15
  • Sorry, we're a little short of money right now...
    • Consequences- Reputation with orcs -10
  • You can always come! We will pay the price of blood!
    • Consequences- Get attacked by 4 orcs
  • Our alchemist can make what you need.
    • Conditions- Have at least 100 alchemy mana
    • Consequences- Lose -100 alchemy mana, gain reputation +35

Orc raid: The moon was red last night. It's a sign! The clans are gathering for the fight!

  • Oh no...
    • Consequences- Get attacked by 3 Orcs
  • But we were at peace!
    • Consequences- Get attacked by 2 Orcs
  • You can' do that! We are friends!
    • Conditions- Reputation with the faction Orcs: at least 50
  • And for a little gold, you forget the color of the moon?
    • Conditions- Have at least 125 gold
    • Consequences- -125 gold, reputation with orcs +10

Food, glorious food!: We're Hungry!

  • Hmm... what can I do? (triggers same event with 4 options)

Food, glorious food!: The human will find us something to eat, otherwise we will eat the human and the little humans who live in the human's house. And we will also eat the house of the human in which the human and the little humans live. And probably also huma pets with aromatic herbs.

Orcs event 2.jpg

  • I suggest you eat the peaceful villagers in the neighborhood.
    • Reputation with Peasants -15, reputation with King -15
  • We'll make you waffles.
    • Conditions- Have a Morbit obessity waffle apparatus
    • Consequences- Reputation with orcs +10
  • Let's discuss it over a big raclete.
    • Conditions- Have a Xar-Sarot raclette device
    • Consequences- Reputation with orcs +5, receive 3 prestige points
  • We have nothing to offer you...
    • Consequences- Reputation with orcs -30


Dragon dealer: Trendy schools have dragons. Do you want to be trendy, or not? In the first case, I happen to sell dragons at 125 gold pieces each...

  • No, thank you. It's a bit too expensive for us.
  • All right, I'll take a dragon.
    • Conditions- Have 125 gold
    • Consequences- Gain -125 gold, choose one of three Dragon cards
  • Give us some time to think about it.
    • Consequences- Stall the event

Express cleaning: Hello dear future customer, I hear that your establishment had some major health problems. Here are different fromulas that could suit you.

  • I will take the formula: "Long-term cleaning with concierge".
    • Conditions - Have at least 100 gold
    • Consequences - Recieve -100 gold, draw the card Janitor's room
  • I choose the formula:"Void cleaning."
    • Conditions - Have at least 25 gold
    • Consequences - Receive -25 gold, draw the card Void potion, draw the card Cleaning potion
  • I take the Bio formula, with the drooler.
    • Conditions - Have at least 50 gold
    • Consequences - Receive - 50 gold, draw the card Drooler
  • No thanks. I like my school as it is.


Academic grant: Hello. Did you know the neigboring school offers academic grants to the most deserving stufents? WHat aabout your school?

  • Well, we don't do that.
    • Consequences- Lose some prestige
  • But of course we have an academic grant.
    • Conditions- Has at least 75 gold
    • Consequences- Receive -75 gold, draw the card New students, draw the card New students
  • The kingdom takes  care of helping the students who need it.
    • Conditions- Your reputation with the faction: King is at least 60
    • Consequences- Draw the card New students, draw the card New house
  • Yes we have an academic grant for the integration of students affected by lycanthropy.
    • Conditions- Has at least 75 gold, Has at least 30 prestige points
    • Consequences- Receive -75 gold, draw the card New werewolves, draw the card New werewolves

A school without discipline?: The Parent Committee has heard that discipline is an increasingly blurred concept in your school. The young had no respect for their elders these days. I hope you have taken action against this state of affairs?

A school witout discipline.png

  • You must be exaggerating.
    • Consequences- Gain -3 prestige
  • Yes, reassure yourself. We installed very beautiful jails in the castle
    • Conditions- Have at least 1 Jail
    • Consequences- Gain +5 prestige
  • Obviously. We attach dissident students to walls to serve as examples.
    • Conditions- Have at least 1 Enchanted chains
    • Consequences- Reputation with lord of evil +5, reputation with Inquisition +10

Why?: Why is our child never the student of the month? Teachers are idiots unable to see the real talent and you are idiot if you can't see their incompetence. (has a student of the month artifact)

  • Yes, we're all idiots. When are you leaving my office?
    • Consequences- Lose some reputation
  • It's to prevent the jealousy of other children! Yours is so brilliant!
    • Conditions- Have the book: Scroll of charm
    • Consequences- Receive some gold and/or prestige ?
  • In fact, we we planning a fireworks party in honor of your kid. It's quite natural.
    • Conditions- Have some gold, x alchemy mana ?
    • Consequences- Receive - x gold, Receive presage ?
  • Get out of my office or I'll turn you into chicory!
    • Conditions- have 50 shadow mana
    • Consequences- Receive -50 shadow mana

Unjust Persecution: We Think your methods have been impacting our child negatively. These terrible grades... It must be the teacher's fault! It's the only explanation!

  • We deny all allegations of being the cause of your child's worthlessness.
    • Receive -4 Prestige Points
  • You cannot be wrong--you're a parent. We will fire this teacher at once!
    • Conditions: Has at least 150 Gold
    • Receive -150 Gold
    • Draw the card Magical Theory Doctorate
  • Do not worry, we will provide special care for your child.
    • Conditions: Has at least 1 Psychologist
    • Consequences: Receive 5 Prestige Points
  • It's not our fault!, it's a curse! Go complain to the Lord of Evil!
    • Condition: Has the following spell book: Stupidity Curse
    • Lord of Evil: -4% Strength


Student 3.jpg

Gooney Pig Fight: How Dreadful! Students are staging gooney pig fights in the catapult tower! We have to stop them! They're hurting the poor gooney pigs! I know it's not cook to snitch, but I did draw up a list of the naught students I saw the other evening.

  • I am not going to bother seeking out individuals: EVERYONE GETS PUNISHED!
    • Receive -5 Prestige Points
  • Fights are an essential part of growing up.
    • Receive -100 Natural Mana
    • Receive -100 Arcane Mana
    • Receive -100 Shadow Mana
    • Receive -100 Light Mana
    • Receive -100 Alchemy Mana
  • I bet 80 pieces on "Thunder"!
    • Receive -80 Gold
    • Receive -100 Natural Mana
    • Receive -100 Arcane Mana
    • Receive -100 Shadow Mana
    • Receive -100 Light Mana
    • Receive -100 Alchemy Mana
    • Choose 1 of 3 cards
  • I bet 80 pieces on "Moon Wrath"!
    • Receive -80 Gold
    • Receive -100 Natural Mana
    • Receive -100 Arcane Mana
    • Receive -100 Shadow Mana
    • Receive -100 Light Mana
    • Receive -100 Alchemy Mana
    • Choose 1 of 3 cards
      • Cornucopia
      • Astral Clock
      • Plane Telescope

Noisy classroom: I've seen many unruly students. Just saying. They make noice and I have trouble with my work. It's very annoying.

  • You bother me with your stories. Go back to work!
  • I needs eyes everywhere!
    • Have 100 arcana mana
    • Draw the card Mystical eye, -100 arcana mana
  • I'll make enchanted chains, that'll teach them discipline.
    • Have 100 alchemy mana
    • -100 alchemy mana, Draw the card Enchanted chains
  • Exceptional situations calls exceptional measures.
    • Draw the card Pyre, Recieve -3 prestige

Student 2.jpg

Winter solstice celebrations: Tomorrow is the winter solstive! Does the school have something planned to celebrate this day?

  • No, we don't have the budget for that.
    • recieve 200 gold
  • We will have a small ceremony in honor of the light
    • Have a Cloister of the rightios or Heroes's chapel
    • recieve 100 light mana, +10 reputation with Inquisition
  • I think Grandfather Snow brought gifts!
    • recieve Gift card (give you 200 random mana)
  • We're going to have a great party!
    • Have 50 gold
    • Recieve -50 gold, +7,5 prestige


Event teachers.png

Roasting box: Sir, we can't keep up. Correcting copies takes us a considerable amount of time! And the notorious incompetence of our students does not make things any easier, The beds are mediocre quality, the meals are insufficient and we don't talk about salaries! Consequently, my colleagues and I are asking for this: A box that makes coffee!

  • I suggest to talk about it calmly over a drink.
    • Conditions- Have on hand: Alcohol component card
    • Consequences- Discard Alcohol component card
  • Well, well, I'll order one for you right now!
    • Conditions- Have at least X gold
    • Consequences- Lose X gold, draw a Coffee machine card
  • No, I won't. Coffee is bad for you. I'm doing this for you.
    • Consequences- Receive -5? prestige

Other pricipal[]

Glutten event.png

Glutten Canteen: Do you have so little respect for your students that you don't even offer tham a gluten-free menu? Not even a vegetarian one? In the end, it may not be so suprising to find so many students in ,my scool.

  • I'm going to magically remove gluten from dishes.
    • Conditions- have at least 100 nature mana, have at least 50 alchemy mana
    • Consequences- +5 prestige, -100 nature mana, -50 alchemy mana
  • I'm going to impot orc dishes, they are good cookers (i know they're frech but cookers ?! :D)
    • Conditions- Have at least 150 gold, Have reputation with the faction: Orcs at least 50
    • Consequences- Gain -150 gold, gain reputation with orcs +10, gain +5 prestige
  • I don't care about gluten! (and I don't know what it is anyway)
    • Consequences- Recieve -3 prestige

Lord of Evil[]

Planetary Alignment.jpg

Planetary aligntment: Flavor text

  • No, but I can see it's not true, we have an observatory, you know?
    • Have Observatory
    • Consequences- -0,03 power, reputation -5, +5 prestige
  • We're ready!
    • Have Armilary Sphere
    • Recieve+150 shadow mana
  • Call to arms!
    • Consequences- -0,03 power, get attacked by 7 undead, reputation -20

Event accountant.png

King's assistant[]

In the dephs of the archives: A trainee has rediscovred a secret entrance to... the forme archives of King Boltolon IV! We're a little afraid to venture there, but maybe you could help us explore it? It is said that they containt very valuable forms and permits.

  • An... administrative dungeon? No, thank you, thats nice.
  • Of course, we will finance an expedition.
    • Conditions - Has at least 50 gold
    • Consequences- May have consequnces later...
  • Our librarians should be perfect for digging throught archives.
    • Conditions-Have trained at least: 2 Librarian
    • Consequences - May have consequnces later...

In the dephs of the archives(FAIL):

In the dephs of the archives(SUCCESS):

Tax  on magic: Umm... the royal tax department looked at your situation and... it seems you forgot to pay the tax on the use of magic. It's an often forgotten tax, so we're not going to apply a late payment penalty.

  • I'm sorry. But we are not going to pay this silly tax.
    • Consequences- Reputation with kingdom - 15, recieve -2 prestige
  • Would it be possible to pay it later?
    • Consequences- triggers new event later
  •  We're going to pay, of course.
    • Conditions- Have at least 120 gold
    • Consequences- Recieve - 120 gold

Principal-Skull head?[]

Alchemical disintegration: We have a huge surplus of alchemical mana and that's good news... except  it's also very unstable. Something should be done quickly with it, or some of that precious mana could disintegrate.

  • It's no big deal.
    • Consequences- Recieve -500 alchemy mana
  • We could decompose this mana into other forms of mana.
    • Conditions- Has at least 1500 alchemy mana
    • Consequences- Recieve -1500 alchemy mana, recieve 500 nature mana, recieve 500 arcana mana
  • There are techniques to avoid alchemical disaggregation.
    • Conditions- Have the following book: Codex of alchemists
    • Consequences- Recieve 5 prestige

Quest events[]

These events can trigger quests. Quests are represented by stars. More info about quest are found on Goals page.

  • Univesity specialization: For any good magic school, we need a subject on wich we will concentrate our efforts. This is essential to shine internationally.
    Quest, university specialization.png
    • Then let us make a name for ourselves in arcana magic.
    • Only the light magic is worthy of our school.
    • Alchemy will do just fine.
    • I like nature magic, even if some people think it's lame.

Quest, merchants money.png

  • The merchants money: The Merchant Guild is very interested in your new university. Maybe we could even provide you with some funds. But in return, we expect you to make your university a profitable investment: you will have to collect 6000 gold coins.
    • Well, I think we could accually come to an agreement.
    • We don't care about your money. Our cause is nobler than that.
      • Consequences- Triggers a new event (A nobler cause).
  • A nobler cause: I'm glad you declined the merchant's proposal. We will be able to focus on our real goal: to bring magic to all. We should try to train at least 110 students.
    A nobler cause.png

Quest, archimage.png

  • Look at my beautiful archimage: Dear collague! It's always good to see you. I have some interesting news to tell you: one of our students recently became an archimage! And he wasn't the smartest guy in the class either. What do you want, the miracle of our modern pedagogy, certainly. And you, on your side, I think you have trained good herbalists, right ?
    • Oh, you know, I think one of our students will soon be an archimage too...
      • Consequences- Recive the quest: Best of the
    • Indeed. And I'm delighted for you, don't doubt it.
      • Consequences- Recieve -5 prestige.
    • Oh, you know, our university doen't have much more to prove.
      • Conditions- Have at least 50 prestige.
      • Consequences- Nothing
  • Warlocks for the clans: Greeting humans. Our clans need warlocks to battle the king's forces, an I wondered if you'd be willing to help us? Becase it's sweet. This would require gaining the trust of orc clans, and increasing your relationship with them to +90. So... firends?
    Warlocks for the clans.png
    • What a great idea!
      • Consequences- Reputations with orc tribes: +30, reputations with the King: -15, reputation with the fation Peasants: -10, Recieve a quest: Warlocks for the Horde!
    • No, thanks. We don't trust you enough.
      • Consequences- Reputation with Orc clans -10.

The way of the wisdom: Yes. Maybe the monks could help you... if you prove yourself. You can visit us again later. We are in great need of potions and food for our yak

    • We'll see what we can do.
      • Consequences- Trigger a quest: Monks' help

Other factions' events[]

Each location usually have special faction's introduction and quest triggering events. If you can't find them in the "Quest events" section they might be already mentioned it its location's page.